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    PDF problems


      I created a journal page in AI.  Some lines are thicker than others.  I used this page in an ID document and then created a pdf (using several different settings).



      1.  Lines all appear (on screen) to be the same thickness.  When I print, only the thicker lines print.  The lighter lines don't print at all.  NOTE:  When I print the .ai or .indd version, they print just fine)


      What I tried:

      1. Different pdf versions, high print quality, press quality, and different presets:  1.3, PDF/X-1a:2001

      2. Outlining the strokes in AI before importing to ID and then creating the PDF.  This resulted in the pdf image portraying correctly on the screen, but didn't change the print outcome.


      I've created many many pdf's, and this is a new problem for me.  Just this week, I downloaded the newest version of Adobe Reader.  I print from HP Officejet 6500A Plus.


      Thanks for any help you can offer!