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    Audio Sync of Zoom H2n Sound

    merbland Level 1

      I just purchased a Zoom H2n to record audio tracks that will accompany the video from my Canon 1D Mark IV dSLR.  Today was my first attempt to manually sync H2n audio to the corresponding Canon video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.


      I recorded a handclap on the dSLR video and audio and simultaneously  on all the H2n channels to serve as my sync point.  My Premiere Pro project is 1080p, 29.97fps.


      The problem I’ve encountered is that the H2n audio is a half a frame out of sync with the Canon dSLR audio/video.  I can only move the Premiere Pro audio tracks that contain the H2n audio by discrete frames.  I cannot shift the audio tracks by a half a frame, yet this is what’s required to get an accurate sync.  The final production clip will contain the H2n audio and the Canon video but not the Canon audio.


      Most people would probably not notice that the sound is slightly out of sync if they watched a clip with the half frame audio to video mismatch but I’m not happy leaving it like that.


      I’m new at this so there’s probably an easy solution but I can’t seem to find it.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.  Mardon