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    Fireworks CS5 opens every image in full screen! How to make not do that?

    Fireworks User 99

      I've been using Fireworks since version 2 came out last century. It's been a real joy. I did not upgrade to Fireworks CS4 as I didn't see a need since CS3 was working so well. I just purchased CS5 last week so I could eventually move over to OSX 10.7, since pervious versions of DW and FW don't color-pick properly in 10.7.


      Not so happy about Fireworks CS5.


      The biggest problem I have yet to find a solution for is EVERY image I open opens up in full screen. If I open up a few jpgs a client has sent me, which I do hourly, each one of them opens if full screen. So, if I open up 5 or 10 small 100 pixel by 100 pixel images I get all of them opening in full screen. On a 30 inch monitor, that is very annoying. I can't just open up the images and start working. I have to open up the images, spend time resizing every single canvas, and only then I can get to work.


      To make it worse, the screen 're-sizer' is very hard to select. It is not at all the standard Mac resize control and is super-small.


      Fireworks CS3 doesn't do this. It opens up the images properly. So has every previous version of Fireworks.


      Does anyone know how I can set a setting so that images open up as they always have in Fireworks: not in full screen mode?


      Even if it means I have to go into the Package Contents and make a change I'm willing to do so. Please help.