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    <cfpdfform>.. How to force the PDF into a new browser window?

    Dr. Johnny Fever

      Hey all,
           I'm using ColdFusion 8 and the <cfpdfform> object to create an xml document and then write the data to fields in an existing PDF file on our intranet.  The problem is that I need the PDF to open in a new browser window, not the same browser window, which is what is happening now.

      Is there any additional info I can pass along with the 'destination=' tag to force the PDF form to open in a new browser window?  Or is it possible to add a Javascript function somewhere in the .cfm such that when the <cfpdfform> pushes the data to the pdf its already open in a new window, maybe from a window.open() function?  I'd really prefer if the functionality was available somewhere through the <cfpdfform> tag but I'll take what I can get.


      Thanks in advance for all replies,


      Dr. Johnny Fever