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    team develop enviroment

    iccsi Level 1

      Does ColdFusion Builder support team devellop enviroment?

      Does it have source control to let developer check in and check out the files to make sure only one person work on one file at one time?


      Your information is great appreciated,





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          12Robots Level 4

          Since ColdFusion Builder is built on top of Eclipse it can support a wide range of things through plugins. SO yes, you can get plugins to support just about any version control system you can think of.  I believe it comes with CVS support built in (since Eclipse comes with it built in), and you can choose from a wide variety of options for support for Subversion, Git, Mecurial, etc.

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            iccsi Level 1

            Thanks for the message,

            Do you mean that I need plug in a version control or CF has its own version controls?

            If it has how can I access it?


            Thanks again for helping,




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              12Robots Level 4

              Like I said, ColdFusion Builder has CVS support built in. By that I mean a client for talking to a CVS server. And you can get plugins for talking to SVN, Git, etc.


              Which version control system are you using?