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    Adobe Bridge in Photoshop - How to install Bridge and camera raw? And what is it all about?

    bemmycute2005 Level 1

      Hi everyone! I am actually in love with this adobe photoshop. I used PSCS2 before, but later on upgraded to CS4. But I feel tired in upgrading to CS5.


      One time, I found a tutorial in youtube about camera raw, and would really want to use it. But I was wondering how to install the camera raw. I believe camera raw is a plugin? so I downloaded the plugin here, installed it in my PS. I downloaded a file Camera Raw.8bi and paste it on my C drive - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\File Formats.


      I now am very confused, how will I open it? I do not have adobe bridge!  After I installed the camera raw, I opened my PS. I clicked the file>then browse in bridge. I had an error, it's "error 2 photoshop11 undefined". Which is what I thought, I might have done something wrong with installing it.


      My question is, do you still need adobe bridge installed in order to use camera raw?

      If yes, how does it work? How am I suppose to open camera raw?

      If no, how am I going to open camera raw without bridge?


      And also, where will I download adobe bridge? I cannot find one here for CS4, only adobe bridge for CS5. I am wondering, is it okay to install adobe bridge CS5 and use it with my PS CS4?


      I badly need help!