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    Best way to insert music on page?

    Paul Alford

      I want to play a simple MP3 on my page...and a different song for each HTML page WITH a button to turn it on or off.


      I have tried the Quicktime plugin but I dont like that way since it looks so bad and it comes up GREY box sometimes so I am not sure every person with have QTime installed on their computer.  I have bought several flash component MP3 players but cant them to play different songs on different pages...even after the author of the players assured me I could get it to work.  ( I dont know code).


      I would love to just open my HTML page, create a APDiv layer box and drag a flash player into the box so I can place it on the page where I want it...and tell it to play 1 song....then do the same thing to another HTML page and tell it to play a different song.  Errrrrrr !!!


      What is the easiest, no heavy code... way of playing music with an attractive interface with buttons to turn on/off ?