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    mobile iOS app works with "fast" packaging, but breaks with "standard" packaging method

    miquael Level 1

      I'm developing a Flash Builder mobile app, and have successfully exported and installed it on my iPad.  As I've been testing it in iOS, exporting it with the "fast packaging" method, it works perfectly.  Tho when I export and install the app with the "standard packaging" method, everything works, except for an essential feature.


      Primarily, the app is very simple at this stage.  The app takes a user's login info, logs into a remote server, receives some data (XML), and then downloads some images and presents them. Again, this all works perfectly in "fast packaging".  However, with the "standard packaging" version, the login appears to work, but the images never show up (so it's either not recieving the data, not parsing the data it properly, or not recieving or displaying the images properly). Since this issue only happens when it is installed on the device, it's hard to tell what the problem is.

      And it's very hard to understand why a mere variation in packaging method would have this effect (everything else is the same).


      Does any one have a clue?  Does anyone know what the differences are between "fast" and "standard" packaging (and how it could effect such a fundamental process)?