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    XMP data issue with mixed up audio

    Butch2oc Level 1

      I have a lot of xdcam (+similar) footage in a rather large project.

      We move the project around a fair bit to different systems/editors etc.


      A couple of times we have had audio in some of the footage all muddled up. Not in sync at all, in fact as if

      a time displacement effect has been placed on the audio. Really weird!

      I sorted through the forum and found others had the issue and a fix was to delete all the cache files.


      This did not work for me and after alot of trial and error I found that if I deleted the .xmp file associated with the media and then reopened project and relinked

      all was fine, back to the way it was.



      As a precaution to not have to check all cut programs each time we change systems I'm thinking of deleting all .xmp files associated with the media each time as a precaution.


      My question is this:

      If I turn off "Write XMP ID to files on import" will this solve my problem? Why is this function needed?

      Would I turn off "Enable Clip and XMP Metadata Linking aswell?


      Basically my project is huge and important, I can't afford to have a corrupt .xmp file placing egg on my face.


      Thanks in advance