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    Flash Textbox bug


      I am using Flash CS5 Classic input Text box  for typing in Director.

      Flash Published Player Version:10


      check in Projector

      Ctrl+A (select all)
      Ctrl+C(copy selected text)
      not working


      In Director 11.5.8

      Flash Published Player Version:9

      These controls are working

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          did you get any response elsewhere because I have a similar problem

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            Adam-C Level 2

            It's a new bug that they introduced in 11.5.9. I have had exactly the same problem. Thankfully, in most places that you would use a Flash Texbox component you can also use a basic Director text member instead without any major difference in functionality, yet the Director text member will recognise the edit shortcuts.

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              jonathanrcarter Level 1

              Interesting, thanks for the feedback.


              I am actualy using a Director text member and the shortcuts work everywhere apart from Win7 IE9. 


              Have you tested the Director shortcuts in this environment yet?

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                Adam-C Level 2

                Have you tested the Director shortcuts in this environment yet?

                No, but it doesn't surprise me that there's yet another bug. It really is shocking that a piece of software that costs so much can be so shoddily programmed and so riddled with bugs. And for every bug they fix they introduce a whole bunch of new ones. Absolute travesty!


                Are you using Flash Text Box components, or an embedded SWF containing text boxes / fields? If the latter then the edit shortcut bug still exists, but can be worked around by capturing the paste key commands in Director and calling a custom function in Flash that inserts the text into the field. You can use Director's pasteClipboardInto() method to paste the contents of the clipboard into a text member, and then pass this text from the member to the SWF function.


                The BuddyApi Xtra also has a method for accessing the contents of the clipboard, but it only works properly with ASCII text (despite the Xtra being Director 11+ compatible)