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    Need Help Please - InDesign and PDF


      I draw comic books in Photoshop, and it's really convenient to place the type while painting and drawing.  I save the PSDs as PDFs, and the type remains vector.  Then I place the PDF pages into InDesign, because I want to use InDesign to make an ePUB file out of the pages.  When I place those PDF pages into InDesign, the text seem to still be vector, since I can zoom in and they stay crisp.


      The problem is, when I create the ePUB, the resulting file rasterized the type.  I know that you normally create type directly in InDesign, but is there anyway to make InDesign retain the type in the placed PDFs as vector when exporting the ePUB file?



      The end goal is to create an ePUB file that has nice, crisp type in it, even though I usually put my text in while working in Photoshop.  I love that I can save a PSD as a PDF, and although the artwork is rasterized, the type retains its clarity.




      Thanks everyone!