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    How to import Casio ex f1 footage to CS5.5 (HD h.264) without jaggs




      I've been using Premiere CS3 for a while with a Casio Exilim EX F1 and have been very pleased with the results. Unfortunately I've now switched up to CS5.5 due to purchasing a new mac pro due to my old laptop being very tired.


      I've tried importing the same footage into CS5.5 using the same settings as I used in CS3 but the footage now seems very 'jaggy' and much 'less clear' than previously.


      To best describe it looks like; straight lines are now zigzagged and there are blocky fields of colour in 'abstract' areas of image (possibly an interlacing issue?)


      The footage plays fine in QuickTime.


      I have tried using various settings as well as re-exporting the footage through QuickTime 7 Pro but have had no success in getting results equivalent to those from CS3.


      Are there settings that will work with the exilim EX F1 and CS5.5 as it stands or do I need additional codecs?


      I am quick happy to re-encode the footage before import as I don't deal with masses of media if there is a suitable encoder and settings someone could recommend.


      I am not a professional film maker and am using the software for community film projects with young people and occasional personal art projects.


      If anyone can offer advice or a solution it would be greatly appreciated,


      many thanks in advance,


      Richard Dawson


      NOTE: The exilm footage is HD: 1920 x 1080 (FHD HQ/ FHD Normal, 60 Fields per second) and 1280 x 720 (HD LP 30 fps) is a .MOV file with H.264 format