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    Problems with audio


      Adobe Reader X 10.1.0

      Windows 7 32-bit


      I have downloaded a PDF file with icons to click in order to hear a video clip.

      However when I click any of these icons I get the following error message, and I can't hear the sound.


      I have uninstalled Reader and re-installed the lastest version and tried the 'repair' function but to no avail.

      The technical support team from my university (the source of the pdf file) have not had anyone else report this problem.


      I have used Reader for several years and never had any problems previously but as far as I can recall haven't tried to use the audio function before now.

      I also have Air v, Shockwave v, Flash v and Flash Plugin v installed.

      Any help would be gratefully received.

      Many thanks for reading this

      Kate W