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    CS5.5 issue where dissolve transitions do not work

    Stephen_Spider Level 3

      I have a strange bug going on.
      Often when I add a dissolve or GPU accelerated transition between 2 video clips, the effect during timeline playback seems nullified as if there is

      no transition, just a cut. I can see the transition placed between the clips on the timeline, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

      In troubleshooting I found that if I add a GPU accelerated effect (like Fast Color Correction) to one of the clips involved, then the transition

      would work properly. I do not even have to make adjustments to the Color Correction setting, just make sure it is added to one of the clips.

      This bug happens often but randomly but often enough that I've started to add the Fast Color correcter to any clip on which I might want to use a


      I've tried the latest and other recent Nviida Driver updates in troubleshooting.


      The footage is cannon mxf
      The sequence is dv ntsc 3x4



      Premiere CS5.5
      Asus Board
      Core I5 2400K
      16GB Ram
      Nvidia GTX 560Ti (software hack)
      2TB Internal dedicated Video Drive