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    Reader X will not install


      Hey all,

          I have Vista 64bit service pack 2. I download the installer exe program fine. After trying to run it, nothing happens. It does show up under task monitor processes but with no activity. I have tried 3 browsers, IE9, Chrome and Firefox. All with the same result. I had reader 9 and kept getting a message to install 10 and it would not work so I uninstalled 9 and now have no reader. I also have no Adobe entries when using Windows Install tool. I also have tried disabling my Avast AV program and then turning it off all together with msconfig. Also when I go to the direct download link I can put in my OS but it will not let me put in language or version. The same thing happens when trying to get an older version. I also tried adjusting my IE9 security settings per this site help files.

         Any sugestions on what to try from here? I do have Flash player 10 ActiveX, Flash player 10 plug in and Spelling dictionaries Support for reader 9. Maybe uninstall some or all of these?

          Thanks in advance for any help.