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    About box not updated

      Hi everyone, I have someone at the office that is trying to update the About box and when he change the date there and then publish it is still the same old date that is showing.

      Anyone ran across that problem?

      The project is on her hard drive.
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          The file you need to update is: whskin_banner.htm

          After you regenerat, all of the information is replaced. What I do is copy over all of my customized files (I have them saved to a "skin docs" directory) to override what is generated.

          So first update the whskin_banner.htm file using notepad, save the file to another directory and copy it to the directory of your published webhelp. The file will be written over each time you generate, so you'll have to copy your customized file back in.

          Robowizard's skinny on skins is a great tool to lear all of the customization techniques you'll need and which files you edit.

          Skinny on skins