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    Problem with flash cache

    Robson Ramos Ferreira

      Hello Guys, I need help urgently ..
      I am developing a system,  and came across a cache problem in flex.


      I found that the problem is  because I do cache file changes mxml and change is not reflected in the page ..  e.g., I open the file (war) of the app and check the deployment has been updated  .. but when I open the file index.swf by flash player or browser the content is  not changed ..


      I've done all (or almost!): Disable firefox cache, removed  the cache files in macromedia (C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Roaming \  Macromedia \ Flash Player \ # SharedObjects) .. but not solved anything!
      I  even thought it was the IDE or the server but did tests on various versions of  IDE and servers ..
      otherwise the application is getting cached and the more I  change something .. nothing is reflected


      my enviroment is:
      - Windows 7  64bit
      - Java 1.6
      - Tomcat 6
      - Eclipse with flex plugin (tested with multiple  versions)


      If anyone had this problem, to and gives a hint of what can be  ..