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    Flex Product Manager

      I'm looking for some guidance on how to achieve the following product management application using Flex and ColdFusion. I'm new to Flex, but I find I learn things quickest by creating real programs for use on a real site.

      Here's the flow for the application:

      1) When you open the application, you will see a TileList of different products with just an image and a name. (I already have this working off an XML file, but want to shift it over to ColdFusion).
      2) When you click a product, an editing form will fade in on top that overlays the entire tilearea. This form will be populated with text input fields, textarea-type fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. When you click "Save Changes" these fields are submitted to the database.
      3) Within this form will be an image manager where product images are displayed in a HorizontalList. Underneath each image will be a "Delete" button.
      4) To reorder images, you can drag and drop them. Whichever is in the first spot will be the primary image for the product.
      5) Also in the image manager is an image uploader consisting of a single file field and an "Upload" button. This would submit a "hidden" field with the product ID. On the backend, I have existing code from my standard CFML sites that processes resizes and renames the image, adds it to the DB, and assigns it to the product.

      What would be the basic components necessary for creating this application?

      Also, when I upload images, how do I "refresh" the image list to show the images? Can you setup event handlers that are triggered by the uploading ColdFusion file after it processes the image?

      I know these are some broad questions, but any direction is appreciated. Thanks!