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    Sound latency in Director 11.5


      My project utilizes brief (< 1 second) sound files in close succession. Sound latency (delay between files) must be very low, and all versions of Director from 6 through MX 2004 have provided excellent performance. Now that I've "upgraded" to 11.5 I find that latency has increased to unacceptable levels. Does anybody know what has changed and what--if any--solutions exist?






      Mac PowerBook 2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo

      4 GB Ram

      Director 11.5

      OS 10.7.1 (Lion)

      quickTimeVersion(): 7.7062

      the soundDevice: "CoreAudio"

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          Necromanthus Level 2

          Talking about Director Shockwave and sound latency, the order is the following:

          MacroMix > QT3Mix > DirectSound

          So if you set _sound.soundDevice = "DirectSound", you'll get the best latency (1-2ms).

          Of course, you'll need a decent sound card (Creative Audigy for example).

          The main problem is that DirectSound is available on Windows only.



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            Adam-C Level 2

            I'd embed a Flash object to handle the audio playback - if you are able to either embed the sound files into the SWF or preload them prior to use then you should get pretty-much instant response when calling each sound.