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    New user ? on Folder placement/sequences

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      Hi All -


      New PP user here. Just bought a new system with CS5.5 and have been very impressed. Watched a lot of tutorials and a lot of online reading. Excited to get started. But still have a few questions that I couldn't find the answer to through searches. Probably easy answers as I'm not familiar enough with the software yet.


      1)I'm confused about folder placement for my raw video and audio (like sound effects/music).

      My drives are C (OS and programs), E (source) and F (Render).

      I currently have a folder called "Film Raw" for video on E.  And a Folder marked "Music" and another folder marked "Sound Effects".

      All on E drive.  I've read in a couple of places online that I need to keep the video and audio on separate drives? True? - If true then I need to move the audio to F? Also - anywhere on the E drive is ok or do I need to place these folders into my ADOBE PROJECTS FOLDER on E?

      Just want to make sure I have the folders set up for best use.


      2) Also - is this a correct workflow

          Editing a 90 minute film. On my previous editing system I would edit the entire film on one timeline. With CS5.5, I should break the film's scenes down into PP's sequences. Scene 1 = Sequence 1, Scene 2 = Sequence 2, then when all the scenes/sequences are completely edited/work done in Auditon - Then I need to nest the finished sequences together for the final master?