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    Audio out of sync when exporting in h.264


      Hello everyone,


      I've just created a slideshow of still images (photos) in PrPro 5.5. I put a rythmic song as soundtrack and I had the pictures synchronized with the main beats of the song. Especially in the last part, the rythm is very fast and consequentely the images' speed increase.


      When I watch the sequence in PrPro, everything works fine, but if I export it in h.264 (no matter what resolution or bitrate) the last part goes out of syncs. It's a matter of a couple of frames, but of course it's very annoying and anyone can see there's something wrong with it.


      I tried to export the sequence in MPEG2, and it was fine, so it's just a problem with the h.264.


      Any ideas about what is happening here?


      Many thanks

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          UlfLaursen Level 2



          i think you need to give up some more info to get help. are you on pc or mac, what are your settings and footage etc.


          i had some problems like that when i exported h264 from avchd on pc and it turned out to be windows mediaplayer only, qt player was fine and vimeo upload was fine too



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            fils.giovannini Level 1

            Hi, you're right:


            I'm on a Mac pro, 8 core, nvidia quadro 4000, 18 gb RAM. The footage are still jpegs (but i also tried converting the whole sequence in .MOV and put it back on the same music, but with the same result of outsyncing).


            Actually I tried to watch the exported clip on VLC instead of Quicktime, and it worked well.


            I also tried to export the sequence in XML, reimport it in Final Cut Pro 7 and then export in h.264. With Final Cut it worked fine also playing in Quicktime.


            So is it just PrPro' h.264 export which doesn't get on with Quicktime? A part from this work, however, I never noticed anyhting wrong, but maybe I didn't because there weren't all those cuts on the rythm..