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    Full screen mode for FLV video player

    Deaf Mike Level 1

      I've always been frustrated when I use the FLV video player component because it does not create the full-screen button.  For example, I have a 1280x720 F4V video.  I want to use the FLV component to play it.  But I want it to be on the stage half that size (640x360) and then give viewer option to click full screen to play it at 1280x720 (like YouTube does).


      Here are no options for this as seen in image below:




      So I'm basically stuck with the same old player controller that flash CS4 generates with no full screen capability.




      Can someone tell me where I can get a player controller that has full screen capability?  Keep in mind that I do not know how to write line upon line of Actionscript to make this happen.