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    Preserve QT Timecode


      I have a timeline with the source material QT Pro Res 422 and the only edit needed was to delay the audio. The recording was from an AJA Ki Pro

      and timecode was externally fed to time of day. When I export from CS5 OSX all settings are set to match the source file yet the timecode is no where to be

      found on the exported file. Any suggestions?





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I don't know of any way for PP to export the clip's original timecode.  At best, you might get the timecode of the Sequence.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            I'm assuming this is the case, but is your clip in a sequence? If so, in the Timeline panel, click the flyout stack-o'-pancakes menu on the upper right corner of the panel and select "Sequence Zero Point." Set your start timecode to match the start timecode of your clip; you can check the Info panel with the CTI parked at the beginning of the sequence to confirm this. Set up your export the way you were, and now the timecode set for the sequence should be transferred to the exported clip.