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    I got render and RAM preview problems. help?


      i got render and RAM preview problems with after effects! please help me


      when i started on a project earlier today the RAM preview was failing and it stoped making a preview after about a second, when i hit the RAM preview buttom again it continued to load and stoped again after a half second, and it continued to do that till it wasn't loading at all, just playing the same thing up even doe it haden't loaded the whole composition! BUT if i moved the (thing you see where you are on the timeline in need of a better name) it started loading a little more and then it stoped again.. so after alot of problems and moving i managed to make a RAM preview of the whole composition..


      now the real problem: when i was done with my project and i was going to reender i did like this: i added my composition to the render queue, chosed my render settings and started to render, after exactly 37 frames it stoped and no window or anything poped up, the only thing that was telling me something was wrong was the render status, and it said: ''failed at 0;00;00;37'' that's not even a second! and BTW when i render after effects only uses 12% of my 6GB RAM memory.. i dont know what to do! i've tried other render settings but the same thing happens! can anyone help me?


      BTW i'm swedish and only 14 so i might misspelled something..