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    Adobe Reader X closes when any key on the keyboard is pressed.  (Windows XP)


      When I use Adobe Reader X on my Windows XP operating system,  the program closes when any key on the keyboard is typed.


      Therefore I cannot:

      -search for terms within documents

      -navigate PDFs smoothly using the "page up" and "page down" keys

      -add any important notes to a document

      -use any shortcut key combinations for Adobe Reader X

      -use any shortuct key combinations for the system or other programs while Adobe Reader is in the foreground without Adobe Reader closing



      PDF documents also take a long period of time to save.  I'm not sure if this problem is related in any way.

      Mouse clicking and functioning including scroll does, however, work perfectly with the program.


      I've updated with the most recent version of Adobe Reader X and have also tried an earlier version (Adobe Reader 9 I think).  The earlier version had more problems and would crash unexpectedly, so I restored use to Adobe Reader X.  Is there anything that can be done to alleviate this issue?  Thanks for your time!