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    WMV in Shockwave movie on the web

      I've built a director movie that I would like to put online. I have very short 2-3 second ultrasound clips throughout that I need included in the shockwave movie. They work fine when I create a projector, but when I create a shockwave movie and upload to a remote server they work but take FOREVER to load. They are only around 150k to 300k in size and in the wmv format. Should I save them as something different than wmv like mov and do I have to create scripting to stream for such short clips?

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          I have done a number of tests with some very simple software, and found that nothing beats mp3 format for the final web file.
          I save my original sound files as .wav and cut, copy, new file, paste and save as .mp3. If I need to modify the sound, I go back to the original .wav. I don't think it works to edit an .mp3 and then save it as an .mp3 again ... it certainly starts losing quality.
          .mp3 are the much smaller files, and excellent quality.
          good luck!