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    Audio volume fluctuates...


      Hey all,


      In my video I have two mp3 files: one is a music file, and that seems to work fine. The other is a voice over file I did in Audacity and imported into Premiere.

      I then cut it up and synced certain parts with the video clips, then adjusted the volume louder to match the level of the music, and added the Denoiser to take out the hum of the mic I used for Audacity.


      My problem now is that the voice over clips seem to fluctuate in volume when I play back and in the exports. It's not always in the same spots, but when it happens it's usually at the beginning of the clip. I'm not sure what it is that caused this, or if the effects I added have anything to do with it (I doubt it), but was wondering if there's a way to fix this?