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    Unable to select and drag a visual component in Design View FB 4.5




      I seem to all of a sudden not be able to select a visual element while editing an Air Desktop visual component.  (A button for example)  I can select it in the outline but clicking on the button in design view and trying to drag it to a new position doesn't work.  I do have the arrow tool selected.  This was working but not sure why it's not now.  I've reset the perspective, I've rebooted etc.  I can drag a component on the stage but once there, I can't click and drag it to a new location.  I have to use the properties and use the x y postion or edit in source. 


      I'm on a Mac OS Lion 10.7.1   and FB 4.5 with the Master Collection.


      Any help appreciated.  I know I've had this happen before on earlier versions as well on a mac.  Just can't seem to get this to work now.


      Help appreciated.