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    imported swf files don't play when I export from InDesign to swf (interactive)


      1) I create a swf file from Flash CS5 (an animation). Just 1 scene.

      2) It is imported into InDesign CS5 (the InDesign file has a lot of others animations created in InDesign) (media> play in page load OK)

      3) I export the file from InDesign to swf.

      4) When I open the final file in Adobe Flash Player... Just the swfs created in InDesign work!!. but no the flash's. They don't even appear.


      I have even tried to created an exe but the result is the same.


      In my personal computer all the archives work well but in others computers... only run the Indesign's.


      Please help me!!!

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          Really hard to say without seeing the whole project, but my guess is that you have moved your exported SWF somewhere from it´s original location (where you exported it to) without moving Resources folder to same target location too... when you place video, audio or SWF to your layout, indesign does not embedd it to resulting SWF. Those files will be stored into a resources folder which always has to be at same root with exported SWF. Media files will be loaded dynamically from that folder at runtime.


          So you can guess what happens if that folder does not exist....