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    How do you change auto-leading without changing anything else in a paragraph? (InDesign CS5.5)


      I'm brand new to InDesign and am trying to format a novel that was written in Word. I have a lot of complex formatting going on (text boxes, fonts, alignments, etc.) and noticed after I imported the text from Word, most of the formatting (with the exception of most of my text boxes, which I can live with) was preserved but the leading changed substantially (which I can't live with).


      I figured out how to change the auto-leading feature in the paragraph styles box, but I don't want to change ANYTHING else in the paragraph - namely, all of the custom line spacing (like tabs, for example) disappears when I apply the style with the modified auto-leading. I only need the leading changed, nothing else.


      Best case, I'd love to be able to bulk change the whole novel to the modified auto-leading, if that's possible. 


      i'd greatly appreciate any help!