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    PDF files wont open in browser after i uninstalled in control panel and re-installed.


      this all stemed from trying to update flash player but right now it i need reader to work more urgently.

      i got the flash player update request, clicked update but the update wouldnt complete so i STUPIDLY un installed it in the control panel. i didnt realise that i should have done this with an installer! it was a couple of week ago so im not sure if i only uninstalled flash player or if it was acrobat or reader aswell but i must of done something completely wrong. so when i came across the site where i need to open a form in a browser window that uses PDF it tells me that i dont have adobe reader installed. so i download and tried to install the lastest version of reader but got about 43% done and it told me the intallation timed out. this happened a couple of times. finally a couple of hours ago the installation managed to complete and i can open PDF files in it but it is still saying on the website that i dont have reader installed. this sites min req is version 5 or over.


      please please help! im kinda lost!