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    Better not update to Lion, yet?

    Macphil11 Level 1

      We wonder, if we should update to Mac OS 10.7 as we have heard, that there is at least one benefit for PP 5.5 users: the very anyoing "dragging clips in the timeline is like "working underwater" - and this, so it is reported here, ought to be gone, after updating to lion.


      Has anybobdy else experienced benefits like this or other? Or Problems?


      What about cuda - I can´t find an update for nvidia drivers at all - will cuda work, will the grafic-card work under 10.7?  






      Macpro 4,1 Octa 2x4x2,66 GHz, 32 GB Ram, PP 5.5/Production Premium CS 5.5

      Quadro 4000 for Mac, Nvidia-driver 256.02.25f01, cudadriver 4.0.21;

      Blackmagic´s Decklink studio (Driver: 8.5)