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    How to pan audio – precisely?

    Cocovanna Level 1

      I have a subsequence, where I want an audio track to pan from left to right, say from -70 to +70. I can do this by selecting track key frames, show pan key frames. Using the audio mixer I can set the panning to -70. I then set a key frame at the start of the clip and move CTI to the end of the clip. Now I cannot use the audio mixer to set the end value to +70. I can change the value, but it is ignored without change (it reverts as soon as I move CTI), allegedly because the key frames indicate that automation has been added to the track. It seems that the only way is to move the key frame with the mouse and try to get as close to +70 as possible.


      What have I overlooked? Clearly, there must be a way to do this? For volume, the Effects control can be used, but it has no panning control. I know, I could use a balance effect, but it seems as an overkill for a simple panning.