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    Interpreting DPS Pro analytics

    Bart Van de Wiele Level 3



      When reviewing the DPS Pro analytics with my reseller DPS account you get basic info like:


      - downloaded folio's

      - canceled folio's




      So basicly measurable actions.


      But the second part of this has to do with contents like:


      - which ads have been viewed

      - which articles have been viewed

      - how many video's have been viewed

      - which overlay is the most popular, etc.


      But I want to know, when does viewing an article "count" in the analytics?


      e.g.: If I want to get to article 5 and scroll from article 3 to article 5 (so I don't use the TOC), does article 4 get a "hit" in the analytics page? Is there a minium viewing period (e.g. 5 seconds?) required before an article gets a higher viewing figure?


      I'm getting some questions about this from clients and I think this is very important, especially when talking about viewed ads.



      Thanks !