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    Imported SWF does not play


      Hi there,


      I'm running a trial version of Adobe Presenter


      Adobe Presenter: 7.0.7

      MS Powerpoint 2002


      I've published SWFs as


      • AS2 and AS3
      • At 30FPS
      • Published to both Flash Player 9 and 10
      • There are no references to root, level or stage in the AS


      It's just a looped shape tween. When I import the SWF, I can see the first frame of the animation in Powerpoint, but when I publish the SWF just doesn't appear.


      Anyone else experienced something similar? I was looking to buy Presenter as it seemed like the perfect tool for a project we were undertaking, but if I can't import SWFs successfully I'll have to look elesewhere.


      Many Thanks

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          Hi Lamerttg,


          Are you observing this issue with all imported swfs or with Flash animations only? Can you confirm if:


          - you are importing the swf to the sidebar or the slide?

          - the first frame of the swf has a transparent background?

          - can you try resizing the swf after importing and retry publishing?

          - would you be able to share the swf?







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            lamberttg Level 1

            Hi nirupam_tewary,


            Many Thanks for your swift reply.


            I've tried both a simple tween and a 1 frame flash file with a square and stop(); in the AS


            • I'm importing to the stage
            • The first frame of the SWF does not have a transparent background
            • I've tried resizing the SWFs but they still don't appear when published


            The two SWFs I've created can be found here:






            Thanks for your help



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              VideoPep Level 2

              Hi Tim,


              Thanks for share file. I insert these swf file in PP2003 and PP2007 but was not able to reproduce the issue.


              If you can share Published output (please share complete published folder) and the presentation in which you are seeing this issue, then it will be easier for me to look into the problem.




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                lamberttg Level 1

                Hi Shubhi,


                Thanks for testing. I've uploaded a zip of the Presentation output I've created which doesn't show the SWFs when i play, which you can download here:




                Many Thanks for your help



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                  VideoPep Level 2

                  It looks like issue is in PP2002. Presenter is supported for PP2003,2007 and 2010. We call some Office APIs and Office 2002 API calls are not made, Sorry.




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                    I am having a very similar problem.


                    I have created a SWF in Adobe Captivate then tried to import into Adobe Presenter. Seems to import ok, but when you add audio then publish you just blank where the SWF file is. Any help on this would be appreciated.


                    BTW, I am running trial version of Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter 7.0 and Microsoft Office 2007.

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                      flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                      When you add audio to what, Captivate or Presenter?


                      Also, could you post a link to the presentation that is not running correctly?

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                        John_GVR Level 1

                        The audio is added to PPT with Presenter, then when presenter is published I loose all the SWF functionaility.... I am only using captivate to create/export a SWF.


                        Sorry, can't I don't have the file on a server so I can't send through

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                          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                          Ok, is the version of Presenter 7.0.0?


                          If so, please uninstall it and reinstall from this link: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?loc=en_us&product=presenter


                          This should install Presenter 7.0.7 which will support AS3 content, which is what the current version of Captivate outputs to. Previous versions of Presenter required AS2.

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                            KMahon Level 1

                            Hello -

                            I am having the same issue. I'm using:


                            - Adobe Presenter 7.0.7 build 7746

                            - Adobe Captivate

                            - MS PowerPoint 2010

                            - IE 8


                            I export from Captivate as a .swf - these are simulations of software with audio. The published swfs are 4 to 7 MB in size. I then import the swf into Presenter into the slide area, resize to match the size of the ppt slide (I only have to widen slightly), and then publish from Presenter.


                            We post to a web server and use viewer.swf to launch the player.


                            When I play locally it seems fine. When I post to our web server and play, the audio from the swf plays first with no image and after about 20 seconds the image shows and sometimes the audio starts again so there seems to be two tracks of audio playing unsynchronized. If I click back and forth on the slides in the Presenter outline or the back and forward buttons to get back to the slide with the swf it will eventually start playing correctly.


                            It seems there is a delay in loading the swf, which is fine if that is all that was happening, but with the audio playing by itself it makes it quite confusing.


                            I have not tried other browsers yet - maybe it's an IE thing?


                            Thanks for any insight!


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                              VideoPep Level 2

                              Hello Katherine,


                              This issue can be due to low bandwidth  or server load.

                              Please try using FMR or publish Captivate project as Media >F4v and Insert it as video in Presenter. This might solve your problem.



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                                KMahon Level 1

                                What is FMR?


                                We tried using F4v but the files were so much larger it took an unacceptable amount of time to load and the resolution of the images was almost unreadable once the video was put into powerpoint and published out to Presenter. The resolution of the simulation in Captivate is 1024x768 because the application does not display in a smaller resolution and the font used in the application is quite small, so it seems to get sized down once put in powerpoint and the published output was unacceptably blurry.


                                Anything else that might help?




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                                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                  FMR = Full Motion Recording (and option of how to record your captivate projects). However, I would strongly recomend against using FMR to capture your project as that will create a VERY large project file and it is basically un-editable. So, be careful with that option.


                                  As to your project size, you can resize your project in captivate, so you are not fighting with the scaling issue in PPT (Presenter) as much. Just go to Modify > Rescale Project, and you can adjust it to be a different resolution. After making a change to the project it will warn you that you cannot go back to your original size... to ensure that you don't lose your original, do a Save As after rescaling your project. I usually put the resolution at the end of the project name so I know which project file is which size. This may help with the file size issues, and potentially play back.


                                  Another thing you can try adjusting is under Edit > Preferences (Shift + F8) > Project > Start and End. Here you can adjust the preloading amount. Try setting it to 15-30% as that may help with playback.

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                                    KMahon Level 1

                                    Yes - I don't want to use FMR in Captivate.


                                    Rescaling the project in Captivate also causes the blurry factor as it gets reduced in size.


                                    I have a preloader set but we are only importing the swf - I think the preloader is controlled by the html. The preloader does not show at all not matter how I set it. I have tried 50% and lower.


                                    Any other ideas?



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                                      flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                                      There is always the old fall back. Put the Captivate project up as a unique object in Connect. Then hyperlink to it on the PPT slide, and make sure there is the Advance by User command (Presenter > Slide Manager) on that slide.


                                      In the Captivate project, back in the Start and End options, set the project to close on exit, so when the individual clicks on the hyper link in the Presenter presentation, it opens a new window for the Captivate project and then, when that project ends, it closes that window and the viewer is back looking at the Presenter presentation.

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                                        KMahon Level 1

                                        Yes - we started with this approach but we will need to launch in another window that we control because we have some security issues with making sure the content is not shared if not paid for. That solution requires some work for us so we were hoping we could make it easier by just playing it in the Presenter player.


                                        We've played around with the preloader settings in Presenter but they do not seem to make any difference with this issue.


                                        It's looking like we will need to come up with some kind of solution that launches the swf file externally.




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                                          VideoPep Level 2

                                          Hi Katherine,


                                          For you workaround have you tried Captivate published video. Go to Captivate>Publish>Media (f4v) and Insert published video in Adobe Presenter>Insert Video.


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                                            KMahon Level 1

                                            Yes we have. The video files are 10+ times larger than the swf files so the load time was unacceptable and also for some reason the image was so blurry in the video file once put into Presenter that it could barely be read.


                                            It's looking more and more like we just need to launch the swf externally.