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    Adobe Flash CS5 - Symbol trouble


      Hi guys, I am having trouble using symbols at the moment. Whenever, lets say, I have a character, he has many layers and I want to make him and all his layers a symbol. So I select everything using the selection tool and press F8, create the symbol as graphic and click ok. Now what happens is that all the keyframes for each layer are deleted except one randomly picked layer like "Hat" or something. So when for example I now clear visibility of the "Hat" layer and the whole drawing disappears.


      So my question is how can I create a symbol without this type of thing happening. I've used this before and haven't had this trouble, maybe I'm overlooking something really simple and would appreciate any help on the matter. Maybe someone could list a few does and donts for symbols as it seems I am not catching something.


      Thanks in advance for any response on this matter, I am really stuck....