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    SWF-file not playing in Dreamweaver or browser



      This is a problem touching both Dreamweaver cs5.5 and Flash Professional sc5.5:

           I have modified a flash file using a trial version of flash professional cs5.5, and the swf file works perfecly when I play it directy in a browser. However, when I insert the file into Dreamweaver cs5.5, it no longer plays. I can't preview it in Dreamweaver or in a browser (chrome and IE). On both occations there is just a blank space, and the file won't play. In the browser there is a flash file, and it seems to load, but it doesn't play. There is no error message.


      I am currently making a simple website, and have not connected to a server yet. All files are stored locally. I tried launching the swf-file on a new page in case there was something wrong with my coding, but the result stays the same.

            I have searched through every forum imaginable, but when someone has a similar problem, no solution has been concluded, or there is no reply. Please, I will be very grateful for a reply.