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    CS5 and CS4 Indesign crashes on startup

    Genie 123 Level 1

      Hi all

      Indesign CS5 and also my CS4 Crashes on start up. It startet with the error code 14. Now it says "Adobe InDesign is shutting down. A serious error was detected. Button: return to finder".


      It crashes before I get into the program at the "Calling late Initalisers....". Also when I open Indesign throug the program Icon and not the file it is the same.

      I have tried:

      • Restarting
      • Shot down and take out the power cord for several minutes
      • Deleting the preference files "Defaults" and "SavedData" manualy
      • Deleting  the file "InfoPlist.Strings" in folder "itlproj" which was a folder  that keept showing on restart. (it was a Italian language to a dropdown  shadow throug Flash CS5)
      • Remove indesign CS5 and CS4 (with the program uninstall icon) and reinstalled it
      • Disabled Time mashine on all disks and deleted the Backups.backupdb
      • Reinstalled Snow Leopard

      I have no clue to what more I can do. I have the following:


      • Mac OS X Version 10.6.8
      • Dual core Intel Xeron
      • Snow leopard


      It  just suddenly didnt work. Couldnt copy paste text from a mail into a  file in Indesign and then it just crashed. Havent installed any new  updates or programs so it is very weird.


      Any help would be very much appriciated


      Take care


      Jinnie (the frustrated)