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      Hello -- I have a drawing in MicroSofft Visio that was created with a page size of 11"x17".  When I preview that drawing, it looks exactly like what I want -- a landscape image on 11x17 virtual paper, with 1/4 inch margins on all sides.  However, when I use Adobe Acrobat to print to a PDF, it automatically creates a letter-sized image from the Visio file.  The resultinf PDF file has wasted space, because the image is resized to fit a smaller printable area, and it is not ready to send to a printer capable of printing on 11x17 paper.  I would like to use Acrobat to print this Visio file to a virtual (PDF) 11x17 page, and then I would like Acrobat Reader to print that PDF on real 11x17 paper (using an appropriate printer and paper).  How do I do that?


      Also -- I do not want to print a letter-sized copy and get that enlarged, because it will lose resolution.  There is a lot of important fine print.  Likewise, I do not want to tile several pages to make up the proper image, because that is added work and because the edges will have some distortion that I will have to align carefully and because the result will not be a single large page that I can take into a meeting.


      I am using MS Visio Professional 2002 (with SP-2), Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended 9.4.5, and MS Windows Vista Home Premium.


      Thanks very much for your help -- CPI-John

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          I would open the document and get the print menu up.  Select "Adobe PDF" and then go under the "preferences" button and under the "layout" tab select "landscape".  Then  press the "advanced" buttton and change the paper to one of the oversized settings.  Print as normal.  I hope this works for you!


          As you had in your post.... I would print it and then rescan it...


          Let me know how it goes.



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            CPI-John Level 1

            Drew --


            Thnaks for your rteply, but that does not seem to have worked -- at least

            not for me.


            If you can open a Visio file (I have MS Visio Professional 2002 with SP-2),

            then please see the attached 2 files, which I put together to try to get

            17x11 pages to print.  You can see that the Visio dummy is right at 11x17,

            but the PDF is distorted.  Those are in Portrait (which I can rotate to get

            Landscape, even though it would be distorted relative to the Visio

            original).  When I tried it in Landscape, the image was in landscape, but

            the page was in portrait, with about 1/2 of the image missing (because it

            extended beyond that page).  It is as if Acrobat is saying that pages this

            large must be in portrait and will be resized to fit some requirement.


            Anyway, that is the best that I have been able to do so far.


            John Crump


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