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    Indd 5.5: When using drop shadow or lower opacity in object, I lose fills


      I have ugraded to InDesign 5.5 (v. 7.5) for Mac OS. Here is my problem: If I have object "A" with transparency (lower than 100% opacity) or a drop shadow (which also uses a transparency) overlapping object "B", then "B" loses it fill when printing to a Xerox Phaser 7760GX. The fills appear  fine when exporting to a pdf and when printing from the pdf. They also appear fine when printing on BW HP printer (sans the color, of course).


      The file performs the same when I open on other computers with their own InDesign application. One of my colleagues has updated v. 7.5.1  but still has same problem.


      So far, I have:


      • exported to IDML file and reopened the file in InDesign 5.5
      • purged all inDesign preferences
      • downloaded latest printer driver
      • following Adobe troubleshooting instructions, isolated the Transparency as the cause
        (when setting spread flattening to None in the pages flyout menu, my fills return, but of course the drop shadow/transparency is disabled)


      Any ideas?