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    why did the ability to render my work stop after working fine?


      I have been sailing along just fine with my suggestions from Bill and Steve in making blu rays from projects in Premiere Elements, with 1920x1080.  I broke up my new project into 28 subgroups (separate projects), and had completed 7 of them without a hitch at all, that included the editing, adding transitions, titles, text, rendering and then saving it as MPEG2 on the computer to later assemble on Sony program, add my music, and burn my blu ray disc,  I did wait until i finished each subgroup project which was about 40 photographs in each.  Never a problem with rendering at all until last night, when it just froze after about 30 seconds, having gone through 172 frames and freezing.  I tried rebooting, etc. and to no avail.  I tried breaking it up into smaller portions, and still would not render.  I did a complete blu ray 25GB without any problems a couple of months ago also, so i know it can be done.


      I guess the other question i have is when you save the project to a mpeg2, it states that it is rendering.  Is that repeating the process?  Do i need to do both.  My assumption was that i needed to render it before saving it in mpeg2 format. 


      What have i done or what can i do to get it going again?  I am certainly in the middle of this project.  I can see no missing frames, no anything, and no error mesages are given.  It just plain freezes, over and over and over.   Any suggestions, certainly welcome any ideas on this.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have you ensured that your photos are no larger than 2000x1500 pixels in size? Have you broken your project into smaller pieces so that no one project has more than 20 photos in it?


          Have you also ensured that your hard drive is clean and defragmented? How much free space is on your C drive? If you are editing to a second or external drive, have you ensured that it is formatted NTFS and not FAT32 (as they come from the factory) and that you have a 100 or so gigabytes of free space?


          Have you ensured that the Work Area Bar covers your entire project?


          Have you ensured you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.com?

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            beavertonron Level 1

            I edited all pics before starting the project, and everything was resized to the 2000x1500.  Some of the projects have slightly more than 20 photos, but i completed the one that i needed your guys help on a few months ago with 560 photos successfully, although it was a long drawn out ordeal.


            The hard drive is clean, and basically empty.  Everything about the project seems fine, i can view it okay.  It only freezes after a few frames, and regardless of how big i make the work area bar, it still happens after a few seconds.  I thought rebooting would solve the problem, but it did not.  


            My big point is that i have done all the first 7 projects in the past 2 days, including 2 of them yesterday, and this was the third one i worked on yesterday, and the first two worked just fine.  So if i was able to complete 2 complete projects in premiere elements yesterday and this was a problem only with the third one, i thought i could assume it isn't the set up, because i did the same for every single photo before separating them into the 28 different projects.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It could be that you've just got a lot of invisible scratch files messing up your drive.


              Try using a program like this and see if it makes any difference. (Read the install screens carefully or you'll end up with an annoying toolbar.)



              And don't discount the idea that an outdated version of Quicktime is causing this problem?


              (There's also a rumor that a Windows Update released last week was released prematurely. So watch for a fix for it soon also.)

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                beavertonron Level 1

                Sorry to say the problem still exists.  So i followed every one of your suggestions, Steve.  I also went through your book on Premiere Elements and didn't find any other possible solutions to this problem that i could find.    I downloaded the program you recommended (Advanced System Care) and did a deep clean, and also did a 'smart defrag' which took 4 plus hours, and it looks like i have cleaned up my computer significantly and it is certainly working faster this morning, but i still cannot render the project.


                I checked Quicktime and did not have any updates to download.  I check Windows update and had not updates to download.


                I also went to the next project i had not completed yet, number 9 of the 28 projects in Premiere Elements, and tried to  render some of that project and the same thing happened there also, stopping after about 25-30 seconds into the project.  The other night i thought i was rendering it and started it before i went to bed, and so it had the entire night to start working again but it did not, it froze the first time at the same spot it continues to freeze with a variation of about 20 frames.    Again, my confusing point is that i did project 6 and 7 of the 28 projects on the same day i did number 8, where i had my first problem with rendering period.  So that made me feel it was probably not something wrong at the point in that specific project since the same thing happened with the other project which is partially done.  In the project of question, it froze at between frame 155 and frame 172 of the first video preview but i still went ahead and completely redid the first clip of the project to make sure there wasn't something faulty there, and it made no difference either.   I also tried decreasing the work bar area to two video previews, and it froze 50% of the way through, after 75 of the 150 frames.  I also varied the work bar area to different places in the project and kept the area small, and still no rendering, no green bar appearing at all and freezing sometime within the first video preview each time.


                But i also went back to the 7th project of the 28, the one that i successfully completed and saved as a mpeg2 earlier in the same day, and there were some titles etc that appeared to be unrendered again, but i was able to render those 4 video frames without any difficulty.   Why is that the case?  So i know the rendering is capable of working somehwere! 


                Now i am even more confused and i certainly have no idea of what direction to turn.  I guess i have a couple of questions.  What do i do next??????  And should i even waste my time proceeding with further editing any of the other projects?????.  There seems to be absolutely no problems that i am aware of in any other aspect of these projects.  I can review it and it looks exactly like i want it to look.


                Also, if i skipped just rendering it before proceeding to saving it as a mpeg 2, it says it is rendering when you are saving it to that format, so would that be an alternative to try?  There must be a reason to render it initially before saving it as a mpeg which states it renders the project also.   I am open to any suggestions.  This is a special project for me, and now i am stalled for sure in proceeding and completing this project that was going so well until running into this problem.  I was trying hard to get this project completed before it is time to start the next one!!!!!


                I have tried to go to Adobe for help on several occasions and paid for the service and it has been worthless.  I have never gotten any two people to even say the same thing when i was trying to learn and understand Premiere Elements the first time around.  They say they speak Englsih but they do not understand my problems and the questions i am asking.  And finding this forum and hearing from several of you guys here has been the first time i have been given constructive suggestions which have all solved the problems in the past and i was able to complete my first high definition blu ray very successfully.  So i am here to ask where to go next!  I am not giving up this project of a trip of a lifetime, and achieving my blu ray discs.  The first one was completed, and this will result in 3 more blu rays to finish my memories of the experience.  I am willing to pay for services if i receive the service.


                Any suggestions will be helpful.  I am a total believer in you guys.


                Thanks in advance,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  The only other thing I can suggest is to go to Edit/Preferences/Media Cache and clear the Media Cache.


                  You're showing all of the indicators of SOMETHING filling up. But, with all the space on your drive(s), I'm not sure what it is.

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                    beavertonron Level 1

                    1.  I have searched and can't find Media Cache anywhere to be able to clear it.  Even PE's HELP implies it is one of the options under preferences, but it is not there or at least i can'f find it!  Any suggestions there?


                    2.  I have 601GB of free space on my hard drive.


                    3.  Could i remedy the situation by just saving it as a mpeg2 since it says it renders during that process?  Or is it necessary to do in both steps?


                    4.  Will I be wasting my time if i continue to edit the other projects, even if i can't render them?


                    5.  Is it even worth trying to have Adobe help me with this issue, if they could come onto my computer like they do and search for themselves?


                    I certainly appreciate your efforts, but i am very frustrated, and feel i have hit a big roadblock to completing my efforts.



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Adobe has said that they will give free, reasonable technical support for their products.


                      In version 9, the Media Cache Clean button is located under Edit/Preferences/Media. (As you can see, this cache is located in the Application Data on your C drive, which is why it's as important to keep your C drive as clean and defragged as it is your second or external drives.)


                      I'm sorry that I'm not able to help you find a solution. There's something going on on your system that's too deep for us to troubleshoot on this forum.

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                        beavertonron Level 1

                        Thanks Steve for your efforts.  I still was not able to find the Media Cache to empty.  I still see nothing in my preferences that even closely resembles that.


                        I did call Adobe, and spent 2 hours on the phone, while they searched through my computer to no avail.  The first gentleman said i had to have a corrupt file somewhere, and that wasn't their problem or concern.  He was not a big help in any way shape or form.  I called back because it seemed like i had more problems than i had before the call, and spoke to a woman who was at least more sympathetic, and gave some of her own experiences, which i assume was not what she is supposed to be doing, but some suggestions as to how to approach it if there is a corrupt file.  


                        I did try to download a upgrade from PE that i didn't have, but i was not able to download it, again for unknown reasons.   


                        So i went ahead and did what i thought might be a good alternative and without rendering it because i could not, saved the file to a mpeg2 which says it is rendering during the saving process, and it did complete the save, and it was obviously rendered, but not quite as crisp as i had gotten used to with rendering it before saving it to a mpeg2, but at least it solved a problem, and someone else seeing the project might not even make a comment about a few slightly jerky transitions, but far better than without any rendering at all.  I completed the other 2 projects that i had partially done, and did the same thing because i could not render them either, and they turned out a lot better for unknown reasons, really as good as if i had rendered them before saving them to mpeg2.  This morning i started the next project in my series, and for whatever reason, i was able to render again!  And i have done nothing since Adobe attempted to assist me, but i am pleased and back into finishing the project.  Guess it doesn't matter what the problem was if it is working????


                        Anyway just wanted to give you some follow-up.  I do appreciate your suggestions, and i certainly understand the limitations of solving some problems in this forum form.