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    How Can I Get A Flash Movie to Access Local Files

    Gary Sumlak Level 1

      I have a customer that has created a Flash movie to run off a CD.  The movie is basically a set of menus with links to access local files in the same directory as the movie.  i.e. Main folder (to be root of CD) has the movie, a Documents folder with PDFs, a Movie folder with wmv and mov files, etc.


      The problem arrises when you click on a link to a file, a web browser is launched, and the browser tries to display the target file.  The movie was designed on a Windows system, and, mostly it works in a Windows environment, however, the links totally crap out on a Mac because the URLs are pc centric.


      He is a rookie flash programmer so I am trying to help him set up proper links to the files, so that the files will (hopefully) launch the proper local app and not a web browers.  i.e. if the link points to a PDF, the Adobe Reader is launched; if the link is to a mov file, then QuickTime is launched....


      Is there a way to do this?  All the tutorials I have found all seem to expect the flash movie to be running on a web server, and as such do not work when running the movie off a CD.


      Any help or suggestions would be grealy appreciated.


      A response ASAP would also be greatly appreciated as the customer needs to deliver 200 CDs of the project for a presentation tomorrow morning - I have to create the CDs...