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    Trouble with CS5 InDesign Paragraph Styles


      I am creating a new template. I want one style to be "TOC Title", and another to be "TOC Level 1". All my concerns center around the Paragraph Style Options window (Type > Paragraph Styles > Create New Style >(double-click style to modify)  )


      1. No matter what I do, if I stipulate that "TOC Level 1" has leading (Tabs option, enter a "." or period in the Leader box), then InDesign does this for ALL my paragraph styles.


      For the record, under the General option, my "Based On" box is set to "[No Paragraph Style]" for both paragraph styles.


      So either I have to live with the TOC title having leading on it, or the TOC Level 1 having none, and in either case having to do something manually to the TOC everytime I use the template.


      How can I fix this so that TOC Title has no Leader and TOC Level 1 has a Leader of "." ?



      2. How can I set my TOC Title paragraph style so that it centers on the page?



      Edit: Two days later and no reply - I would have gladly supplied more information if I did not make the issue clear enough, and I would have even appreciated a simple "Sorry, I don't know." Since it is highly improbable that nobody out there knows ANYTHING about Paragraph Style tabs in Adobe CS5 InDesign, I must conclude that my issue is simply not "in" enough to be considered worthy of attention from the unnamed scores of elitists which must run this forum.