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    Problem with ie7 run active content

    doug777 Level 1
      In my pages with one Flex swf, in ie7 the first click on the swf has no effect (presumably this activates the control).

      In my pages with two Flex projects (one sits across the whole page directly above the second one), in ie7 I get a tooltip - click to activate this control. If the user clicks the top one first, when the second one is clicked it jumps to the top of the page and the first one becomes inaccessible.

      Is there any way to solve this problem so that no clicks at all are required to activate the control?

      I have downloaded AC_RunActiveContent.js which contains the same functions as AC_OETags.js although some at least are different. Should I replace the functions in the file supplied with Flex with the newer(?) versions or is this not the fix?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          As I understand, the key to the click-to-activate situation is the fact that the wrapper instantiates the FlashPlayer dynamically, using javascript.

          The FlexBuilder generated wrappers work for me. I am not familiar with AC_RunActiveContent.js. where did you hear about it, I'll read up on it.

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            doug777 Level 1
            Hi ntsiii, thanks for the reply.

            I've solved the problem and the Flex generated wrapper is the one to use. The problem was that with two wrappers in one final page, ie becomes extremely sensitive to every tiny detail and I had to modify both wrappers to get it to work.

            I'm now trying to work out exactly how history works as I get unreliable results with the back button and reload button on all browsers when I have two projects on a single page.