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    Red Rocket initialization failure

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      I started a new project this morning that would use Red R3D media and found the playback of 3K 2:1 R3D media quite choppy and then saw that a red X in the bottom right of Premiere CS 5.5.


      Event:  Rocket Initialization Failure

      Unable to initialize the REDRocket(s).  1 requested, 0 initialized.  The SDK reports 1 should be available.

      Device 0 returned status:  Old driver of firmware, driver available: ( required), firmware available ( required).




      I am running driver and firmware


      RedCine-X v487 (Win7/64) sees the card and runs smoothly with it.  Windows7 control panel sees it (and the driver/firmware) just fine.


      Any suggestions as to why Premiere 5.5.0 can't use the card?  Any help would be really appreciated, I need to get a jump on this job.





      Win7/64  (all current patches applied)

      12Gb RAM

      GeForce GTX 480 with hack

      external eSATA RAID

      Red Rocket