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    Quark 8 file converted to IDCS5 causing problems

    posterns Level 1

      I'm working with a Quark 8 file that was converted to InDesign CS4 using markzware's conversion plugin.  I then opened it in CS5 and modified the file as needed. Everything seemed fine and I have used the same process many times. However, when the job was ready to go to tghe printer, I made a press pdf and found that a panel of type which was set in Futura Bopld small caps changed to all lower case. No matter what I tried I could not get the type to go back to small caps -- I even tried saving the file in idml format and opening back up to see if that would clear the problem. Since it didn't, I converted the type to all caps and resized as needed and upload the file to the printer's ftp site. Now I just received another PDF proof from the printer and another panel (front jacket of the bookcover) which had light colored type over a dark color background, showed up in reverse (dark colored type over a light background). I have a call into the printer to see if they did anything, but am worried that this file may be damaged and unusable. Is there any other way to determine if this file is ok and perhaps clean out the gremlins in it? Anyone experience anything similar?


      I don't necessarily have the time to recreate the file or go back to the original quark document so a quick solution may be the best approach.