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    RAM Preview in Background w/ Windows Start Button?


      on this one project while doing a RAM preview on 1080p comp with complex particle systems (it was reeeeeally slow on my computer), i noticed that the windows start menu button in the bottom left corner didnt disappear, so i clicked on it and the video continued rendering the RAM preview in the background while i was able to do anything on my computer that i could access from the start Windows start menu. i'm assuming this was a very convenient glitch? the button disappears on renders of less information processing so i'm assuming this wasnt supposed to happen.


      has anyone else heard of this happening? if so, is there a way you know of intentionally making this option, to use the start button while rendering RAM preview, available every time?


      AE CS4

      Windows 7 32bit

      3.5gb RAM

      Nvidia GeForce 8600 (256mb dedicated)

      Intel core 2 duo 1.5ghz