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    "Installation Encountered Errors -  Failed to Initialize" -  help!


      I am running an XP S3 box, 2.66 GHz with 512mb RAM and lots of memory.  Recently I tried to update my Acrobat Reader (Secunia reported my version was not current). Upon downloading, an error msg without a number came up as in subject line of this post.


      "Installation Encountered Errors -  Failed to Initialize"


      I uninstalled my current version of Acrobat Reader. Tried to install again but no luck. Same error msg.  I cleared the cache out of Firefox 6.0.2, tried again: ditto.


      I have on my computer  installed an old version of Acrobat 5.0 (KWW500R7153013-348) that I bought in 2003 (I think)  so I unistalled that, then tried again. No luck.  So I reinstalled the old Acrobat, then uninstalled it. Same. Then I defragged my hard drive, restarted. Now I was getting frustrated.


      I did a system restore to a point before I tried to update Acrobat Reader; no luck.  No matter what I do, AR will not install.  I've read all the KB articles at Adobe, but nothing seems to work. Can you please help?