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    Reader was working fine until I installed Reader X. Now it crashes when I try to use it.  Why?


      This is my first time using this forum, so I hope I am doing this correctly.


      I am running an HP, dv7, Windows 7 w/SP 1.  After I downloaded and installed Reader X, everything on my computer seemed to work ok, until I tried to open a PDF file.  About 3 or 4 seconds after the file opened, I got the following error:



      This ran for a few seconds, and then the following dialog box came up:



      I later found that I got the same messages if I tried to open the Adobe Reader X Application from the shortcut that was put on the desktop and the Adobe Reader X entry in the start menu..


      Following instructions from the Support page I have:

      1. Uninstalled the application, and reinstalled again.  No Change!
      2. Attempted to repair the application using Control Panel Add Remove Programs / change / repair.  No Change!
      3. Attempted to repair the application using the applications Help / Repair application.  No Change!
      4. I attempted to get free support from Adobe... yeah right!!


      I have not had any problems with Adobe Readers previous version, which I don't know what version that was.  But I have had the Computer for the last 7 mos. and had no problems until now.


      Any help one of you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated, or, how can I get the previous version back?