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    Problem converting older projects

    KenFyrstenberg Level 1



      I have a problem with Adobe Premier Pro CS5 where I open a project created in a previous version. PP indicates the project has been saved in another version and as I have moved the project to another location I go through the dialog of directing PP to the files new locations.


      I skip preview files and there is one file that is missing, but not important to the project as the file is unused.


      When all redirection is complete, PP continues but freezes in the Save project which automatically shows afterwards. The dialog progress starts with the bar at about 50% and stays there. I left it for more than an hour just to be absolutely sure, but it just hangs and I need to kill the process. I have now tried this 3 times and it always result in the same.


      Is there any fix for this or work around so I can open my older projects?